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Publishers and Media

Advertisements with added value

With the beyondarts CMS, publishers and media companies can offer their advertisers real added value in marketing. Advertisers' special offers are visualized as multimedia WebApp with "call2action" buttons and inserted as a traceable QR code in print advertisement or PR articles.

After the scan, the offers or services open directly on the smartphones of the target group. Using the “call2action” buttons, readers can contact the advertiser with “1 click”: phone call, email with fillable fields, booking, purchase, etc.

Features of the WebApp

+ Digitally visualize products, publications and services with the beyondarts CMS
+ multimedia: texts, images, audio, video, 360°VR
+ send WebApp from the backend via WebSMS directly to the mobile devices of the visitors
+ configurable response buttons (telephone, email or link) for direct contact

Beyondart's web app marketing

combines content with cross-media and multi-channel marketing.
The web app, optimized for smartphones, visualizes the content.

The distribution is as
+ trackable QR code
+ WebSMS
+ Newsletter
+ all social media channels
+ QR code banner
+ Link to shops or booking sites
+ email signatures

Areas of application of WebApp marketing

The CMS is like an empty vessel in which any content, regardless of the industry, can be communicated. The WebApp is the ideal tool for rapid digital visualization and sending of relevant content not only to customers but also to employees.

Which projects can be implemented with the beyondarts WebApp? Among our successfully implemented projects you will find applications for cultural tourism and hiking trails as well as for clinics and industry.
The easy handling of the CMS coupled with the possibilities of content and cross-media marketing make the web app the ideal tool for rapid digital visualization and advertising of services and products.
Directly sent to the smartphone. Multimedia, interactive and with "call2action" buttons.

Reach your goal with just one click.

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