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    Catholic Church exterior

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    The portal

    Ornate door frame

    When the Catholic parish church is extended at the end of the 16th century a new main portal is fashioned from Salzburg marble. The ornate threshold is impressive. The 2 coloured frescoes above the portal by unknown masters show scenes from the Passion: Christ carrying the cross and being nailed to it.

    You can find several masons’ marks on the portal. These mostly geometric marks can be found on many medieval churches and sacred buildings.

    They are already in use in Ancient Egypt, probably to mark the stones sculpted by each artisan for the purpose of compiling an invoice when the commission is completed. The masons’ marks become a prerequisite for payment.

    If you look closely you can see ornate decoration around the keyhole of the church door. This has a practical purpose: apart from candles there is no artificial light in the Middle Ages. The ornamentation would help the priest find the keyhole in the dark.