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    Weltkulturerbe Hallstatt

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    The Catholic Church – Part 2

    A Romanesque-Gothic-Baroque jewel

    Leave Catholic Church now through the main portal. The portal is Detail 1 of Highlight 4. Turn left after that and walk around the church on the lake side. Highlight 4 of our walk through Hallstatt is the exterior of the Catholic Church.

    When the small village of Hallstatt acquires market status in 1311 state-owned mining has already begun here. This brings with it economic growth and an increase in population.

    The Romanesque parish church is soon outgrown. And so it is decided that a new, larger church should be built. Extending the church is a risky undertaking since the 2-aisle house of God stands on a rock with a steep drop.

    The church is built with 2 aisles for social reasons. It is primarily miners who, with their financial contribution, make the extension of the church possible. So the right-hand aisle is reserved for them. The left-hand aisle is for the remaining members of the parish.

    Enjoy now the 4 points of interest from Highlight 4, “The Catholic Church Exterior”, before continuing your tour of Hallstatt. You will find Highlight 5, “St. Michael’s Chapel and bonehouse” behind the Catholic Church.