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    Vienna’s Burgtheater

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    Stage and ventilation

    The latest technology in the theatre on the Ring

    Vienna’s Burgtheater is not only the most important theatre for straight drama in all the German-speaking countries, the building itself is full of superlatives.

    It can accommodate nearly 1,400 audience members. The proscenium is 12 m wide and 9 m high. The stage itself is 31 m wide and 25 m deep with an area of around 780 m². The stage also has a revolve and can descend 5 stories to change sets quickly.

    But the real architectural sensation at Vienna’s Burgtheater is its ventilation system. Used air from the audience is removed via the brass grating in the central crystal chandelier. The necessary suction is provided by a green angel figure on the roof of the theatre. The air enters a giant sluice in the Volksgarten next to the Burgtheater. Because of its round form the Viennese refer to the sluice as the “mushroom”.

    Until 1977 there are even showers and toilets on the roof of the Burgtheater for the actors to get some fresh air in the interval.