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    Architect Theophil Hansen

    Colourful Parliament

    Theophil Hansen is one of the most famous Ringstraße architects and an excellent representative of the Renaissance Revival, also known as the “Viennese style”. Hansen not only designs and builds (Highlight 06 – Detail 02 – Pop-up 02 cross section of Parliament) the Austrian Parliament Building, but also Vienna’s Musikverein, the Vienna Stock Exchange, the Academy of Fine Arts and Palais Epstein.

    The Dane, born in Copenhagen in 1813, studies architecture in Vienna before working in Athens for 8 years in his chosen field. There he develops his enthusiasm for Classical architecture. Which explains the Classical appearance of the Austrian Parliament Building.

    Hansen wants to go a step further by creating a colourful building rather than a plain white one. Which incidentally is more authentic. But the imperial committee in charge is far from enthusiastic about Hansen’s idea and only allows him to apply colour tests. The remains of these tests can still be seen today, on the left-hand corner of the façade of the Parliament building and on the corner of Reichsratsstraße and Schmeringplatz.