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    Seeschloss Ort

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    The inner courtyard of Seeschloss Ort

    Elegance and beauty

    The inner courtyard of Ort Castle is captivating in its simple, elegant beauty. Once you have crossed the famous 123m long wooden bridge and are standing in the arch of the entrance gate, you can locate the entrances to the museum, the Orthner Stuben restaurant, the chapel and the hunger tower in the lower part of the inner courtyard. To the left there are steps which will take you to the portico with its arcades, allowing you a lovely view of the entire inner courtyard.

    From the arcades one can also access the hall of arms and the wedding hall, plus the tower with its famous, nearly 400 year old clock. The rooms in the top part are closed to tourists and are only used for events.

    A water mark made in the 20th century shows when and to what degree the inner courtyard was flooded by high water levels in the Traunsee lake. The small, blue marking below the date 1821 shows the water level reached in summer 2013.