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    Art historians‘ monument

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    Ostracised – displaced – murdered

    Edith Blumenfeld • Otto Deutsch • Hanna Elisabeth Elias • Marie Hacker • Erna Harth • Hedwig Kien • Friedrich Klein • Jakob Klein • Ilse Meiler • Adele Monteser • Elise Lotte Morgen • Carl Nachmias • Doris Oppenheim • Adolph K. Placzek • Ernst Pulgram • Lizzy Rapp • Lola Ringel • Rahel Schapira • Isidor Schenk • Elizabeth Sgalitzer • Henriette Singer • Magdalene Starkenstein •Ernst Strauss • Sándor Wolf

    Students researched the names and biographies of affected students, along with their individual fates, in several research-driven university courses. Their goal was to give each name a face and highlight individual histories and life stories. Survivors were invited to Vienna to talk about their lives and experiences as well as their work, for example Elizabeth Sgalitzer-Ettinghausen (1918-2016).

    In this way the “Ostracised, Displaced, Murdered” exhibition was created in 2010, and the website with biographical information, documents and images of known students who were affected extended, even though their names were not added to the monument.

    Photo: Department of Art History © UniWien