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    Baden near Vienna

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    The themed walk in the Kurpark

    On the trail of the Habsburgs

    Baden’s Kurpark (Cure Park) has something really special in store for the Garden Summer Lower Austria 2016: a newly-developed themed walk allows visitors to relive imperial Habsburg garden flair in over 10 stations and opens up this part of the oldest tourist area of the town in a completely unprecedented way.

    Sight lines connect the individual stations, while installations symbolise how the past and present go hand in hand. You can discover Emperor Francis I, who does not just order gardening staff about but mucks in too. Napoleon is present, as are Ludwig van Beethoven and Emperor Franz Joseph.

    Fun is the order of the day; this is not some high-tech show but rather entertainment for the whole family. Interactive, amusing, surprising and always thrilling. Get on the trail and experience in a fun and fascinating way how the garden-obsessed members of the Habsburg-Lorraine family would have taken a stroll through their grounds, what they would have seen and whom they might have met.

    Image: Picture by Gerhard Sindelar, © Public domain