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  • Baden near Vienna
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    Baden bei Wien (Baden near Vienna)

    The municipality of Baden, 26km south of Vienna, boasts over 2,000 years of history. The settlement can be traced back to the Early Stone Age and the healing effects of the springs here are known by the Romans, who refer to Baden as “Aquae”.

    In the year 869 the name “Padun” first appears in a document; town privileges are bestowed by Emperor Frederick III in 1480. The coat of arms still used today shows a man and a woman sitting in a bathtub and is an early indicator of Baden’s significance as a cure resort. For centuries even the emperors from the House of Habsburg bathed here.

    It really takes off at the beginning of the 19th century, when Emperor Francis II/I selects Baden to be his annual summer residence. In tow are nobles, the wealthy middle classes and famous artists. Baden becomes famous throughout the world as a noble cure resort. The opening of the southern railway in 1841 means the arrival of even more day trippers and many second home owners from Vienna. Their magnificent villas still characterise modern Baden.

    Today the town of Baden is one of the most importance tourist destinations in Lower Austria, thanks to 14 thermal springs and a wide range of leisure and cultural activities on offer. In this guide, discover all there is to know about the former imperial town of Baden, its colourful history and fascinating sights.

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