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beyondarts WebApp cross-media marketing

brings cross-media content directly to smartphones

Our cross-media marketing combines digital WebApp content with classic print: magazines, flyers, brochures, posters. The WebApp is optimized for smartphones (fully responsive), doesn't need downloading from the store and combines all functions of native apps wiht those of mobile websites.

And this is how cross-media with WebApp and QR code works:
In the beyondarts Content Management System (CMS), our customers create all their digital offers themselves with text information, images, audio, video and 360°VR. No matter if it's products, offers or services. We deliberately designed the CMS to be so simple that no programming knowledge is needed to operate it. Each offer is created in the CMS on its own micro-site and therefor has its own link. Such a link is then connected with a dynamic (traceable) QR code and the QR code is placed e.g. on a print advertisement or a poster. If customers scan the QR code, the digital offers open on their smartphones and customers can answer directly via a configurable response button (call, email, purchase). This is how we combine print and digital.

In addition, our customers can use the links for email, newsletters and all social media channels. And there is even more: the beyondarts CMS has a special WebSMS tool with which all offers and services can be integrated as a link in SMS and sent directly to the mobile devices of regular customers.

All this together results in a highly efficient marketing mix that costs significantly less money than conventional Google and social media campaigns and at the same time has noticeably less scatter loss.

The multimedia content is distributed via
+ Trackable QR code
+ WebSMS (GDPR compliant)
+ Newsletters
+ All social media channels
+ Banner advertising (also with QR code)
+ Links to shops or booking sites
+ Email signatures
+ Touch screens

Reference project construction machinery industry:
Baublatt Baumaschinen Kampagne

Reference project aftercare rehabilitation:
Demo Nachbetreuung "Bewegung ist Leben"

Why SMS?
SMS, that sounds pretty old-school at first. Many marketing experts say: that is old technology, nobody looks at SMS anymore, everyone is only on social media. True, but that's exactly where the problem is: hundreds of news messages every day and an endless amount of spam. Regular customer care via SMS is much more personal and is also perceived as such by customers. We have therefore integrated a special WebSMS tool into the beyondarts Content Management System (CMS), with which all offers and services are integrated as a link in SMS and sent directly to the mobile devices of regualr clients.

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