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    Push marketing with SMS

    Isn't that pretty old school?

    As soon as you mention sending push news via SMS, many marketing people shake their heads: old technology, nobody looks at SMS anymore, everyone is only on social media. Correct, but that's exactly the problem: thousands of news every day and an infinite amount of spam. Maintenance of regular customers via SMS is much more personal and is also perceived as such by customers. We have therefore integrated a special SMS tool into the beyondarts Content Management System (CMS).

    How does SMS push marketing work?
    With the beyondarts CMS, our customers visualize all their offers: products, services, services. With texts, images, audio, video, 360 ° VR. Each offer is created in the CMS on its own micro-site and has its own link, which is then sent directly to the target group's mobile devices via SMS. Our customers can of course also use the link in e-mail, newsletters and social media. If you click on the link in the SMS, you will be taken directly to the offer and can use the configurable response button (phone, mail or web) to inquire, reserve or, if necessary, book immediately.

    Tracable QR codes: an efficient marketing mix.
    If you combine SMS push campaigns with our additional services such as the traceable QR codes for web and print as well as programmatic advertising, the result is a highly efficient marketing mix that costs significantly less money than conventional Google and social media campaigns. And that with significantly lower scatter loss.

    Push instead of pull.
    With the beyondarts CMS, our customers become digitally active themselves, instead of waiting for their offers to be found by chance on the web by their desired target group.

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