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Industry and commerce - push instead of pull

Digitally visualize all products yourself and advertise them immediately

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Having all products and information digitally available for potential customers is now standard. Most of the time, however, these products are on a website, possibly linked to a shop, and the operators wait for potential customers to take notice of their digital business cards and buy their products.

This is the classic pull method. Long waiting times, high scatter loss.

We offer our customers to go the opposite way: all products and services can be digitally visualized with the beyondarts CMS and then sent as a link directly from the CMS to regular customers via SMS. In addition, the link can be integrated into mail, newsletters or social media.

If a customer clicks on the link, the application opens and not only is all product information available via text, images, audio and video, but the person addressed can contact the provider immediately via the configurable response button if interested.

At the same time, the beyondarts CMS is so easy and quick to use that products and services can be updated, renewed, exchanged and sent again almost every day. This is how you become digitally proactive instead of waiting for customers.

That's push marketing. Be proactive instead of waiting for customers.

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