Guide Vienna’s Ringstraße

When was Vienna’s Ringstraße opened up? Why is the Wiener Staatsoper called the “1. house on the Ringstraße”? Which size of shue does the Rathausmann have? Why did the architect of the Austrian parliament originally want to paint it in colours? What is a sgraffito? Who is the “Venus of Willendorf”? Why has Vienna’s Volksgarten only straigt paths? What is a “Viennese ending”? Who painted the famous pictures in the Erzherzogsstiege of Burgtheater? And why did the presentation of Gustav Klimt’s paintings for the ceremony room of Vienna’s university cause an uproar?

The fascinating answers to these and many other questions has our new Art & Culture Guide “Vienna’s Ringstraße”.

Test it now! The complete guide comes with all stories, more than 40 pictures and more than 80 minutes of listening experience in 2 languages (German/English).

beyondarts stories are researched by art historians and turned into thrilling episodes by professional story-telling.

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