Guide Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

What is a composite head? Which famous italian renaissance painters where closely related? Why did Caravaggio flee from Rome in the middle of the night? What is the “legenda aurea?” Which other profession did the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens have? What is Tintoretto’s real name? Into what does Jupiter transform in order to seduce Danae? And how has Vermeer significantly altered the mathematical perspective in his famous painting “The Art of Painting”?

The fascinating answers to these and many other questions has our new Art & Culture Guide “Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna”.

Test it now! The complete guide comes with all stories, more than 40 pictures and more than 80 minutes of listening experience in 2 languages (German/English).

beyondarts stories are researched by art historians and turned into thrilling episodes by professional story-telling.

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