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Clinics and rehab

Direct communication with the patient

Quick and direct communication with patients during their stay is a major issue in the field of clinics and rehab. And also their efficient aftercare.

With the beyondarts CMS, using the example of our reference customer Landesklinkium Mauer, we also offer an innovative solution: the entire clinic area is displayed with departments and all the necessary information and there is also a GPS vector map that makes it easier for visitors and patients to find all the buildings throughout the vast complex. If visitors and patients are on site, their exact position on the site is indicated by a GPS symbol on the map. In addition, all buildings of the clinic are inserted into the map with numbers and names as a zoomable overlay.
Using the SMS tool integrated in the CMS, doctors and nursing staff can communicate with the patient and, for example, send reminders of treatment appointments.

The demo "Movement is life" is an application example for the area of ​​follow-up care: Patients receive a link via SMS or email that contains videos and information on exercises that those affected perform at home to accelerate the healing process after an operation or treatment can. The contents (texts, images, videos) can be created and sent by the treating staff themselves in the CMS.

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