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  • Wösendorf, Sankt Michael and Joching
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    The Wachau World Heritage Site

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    The wine-growing villages of Sankt Michael, Joching and Wösendorf form a community together with Weißenkirchen and are often referred to as the "heart of the Wachau". Here the world heritage attributes of the Wachau region can be experienced unfiltered.

    This is not only due to the dry-stone terraces that can be seen from afar and the picturesque location in the midst of magnificent vineyards, but also to the historically significant town centers with their narrow, irregularly laid out alleys and the traditional grape harvest yards.

    Joching is a classic wine-growing village. The 700-year-old Prandtauerhof owned by the Holzapfel winery dominates the townscape. Wösendorf, which is a few kilometers upstream, is characterized by a historical and naturally grown architectural development. It manifests itself in numerous important buildings in a very small space and is in very good condition in keeping with the Wachau World Heritage attributes. A walk through the narrow streets to the parish church of Wösendorf with an altarpiece by Kremser Schmidt is worthwhile!

    And finally, Sankt Michael. Although there are fewer than 20 houses in the tranquil village and only a few dozen people live here, Sankt Michael has outstanding historical significance for the region.

    Supported by the Federal Province of Lower Austria and the European Union (LEADER).

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