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    Station 02 - Weißenkirchner Tor

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    The Weissenkirchner Tor

    Aquarelle by  J. Schwemminger, 1840

    From the end of the 13th and early 14th centuries there is an extensive expansion of the
    Preserved city fortifications, which in part equals a new system. Pivotal points of this
    Measures were the two city gates, which are today heavily changed from their original ones
    Appearance but witness to several historical views.
    At the northern Weißenkirchner Tor (called "Burgthor" by Merian), only the left-hand wall remained
    as well as the neighboring gate construction. After illustrations before the demolition in 1862
    there was a large ogival portal with a drawbridge, next to it a small man gate. The
    confirms the wall with a high profile as well as axle supports and fold for the bridge. As
    In a regional comparison, dating can mainly be the outgoing 13th and the entire 14th

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