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    3rd Psychiatric Department of Addictions

    Addiction patients are treated in the 3rd Psychiatric Department at Pavilion 5, a center focusing on alcohol addiction, at Pavilion 52, a drug addiction center.

    House 5: Alcohol addiction treatment

    Target groups:

    • Alcohol addiction
    • Alcohol addiction in association with benzodiazepine or cannabis dependence
    • Alcohol addiction along with other psychiatric conditions such as depression or anxiety disorder

    length of treatment: 6 weeks

    treatment strategies:

    • Extensive therapeutic offer in the form of various group therapies and individual therapies as well as information groups
    • Psychiatric single medical care and use of differentiated psychopharmacotherapy
    • Pharmacological alcohol withdrawal treatment (possibly in cooperation with the withdrawal station)
    • Psychotherapeutic treatment
    • Psychological diagnostics
    • Care by social workers
    • Nursing care

    To clarify all individual questions, we conduct an outpatient preliminary discussion with each patient.
    Telephone registration for an outpatient interview: weekdays from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm, Tel.Nr. 07475/9004/24305.

    House 52: Drug withdrawal station

    We treat people with addictions according to the latest addiction medicine. After a diagnostic clarification, an individual treatment plan is created together with the patient, according to the respective disease phase.

    Our range of offers:

    • Diagnostic clarification
    • Withdrawal of psychoactive substances
    • Support with social problems
    • Livelihoods
    • Preparation for a stationary weaning therapy
    • Part withdrawal treatment
    • Create an individual therapy plan

    In case of substitution:

    • treatment optimization
    • medication changes
    • Treatment of comorbidities

    An admission can take place exclusively after telephone registration or through mediation by an addiction counseling institution.

    Monday to Friday, by phone from 7.30am to 12.30pm

    Secretariat: 07475 9004-22 452
    Station Administration: 07475 9004-24 352
    Fax: 07475 9004-49 252