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beyondarts WebApp

New beyondarts guides web version available now
All beyondarts guides are now available in the new free web version for PC and laptop. With all functions and for all Windows and Apple devices. You can now easily explore all beyondarts app-guides via your internet browser at home. Then you can decide which app-guides to load down to your smartphone or tablet for offline use.

Check out the video!

Check out the video!

beyondarts WebAppGuides go VR

Explore all web-app guides now in virtual reality
Within the web-app you can change just by one klick to the virtual reality mode. Explore all beyondarts web-app guides via your VR-goggles including interactive detail-buttons, multilingual audio and navigation wihtin the app by sight. Just open the web-app on your smartphone or tablet and klick on the VR-button top left.

App-Guides in VR-Virtual Reality

Check out the web-app and VR-version!

beyondarts 360° VR + 3D Preview

App-guide “Baden near Vienna” as a virtual time travel
Enjoy a fascinating travel through time with our app-guide “Baden near Vienna” 360°VR+3D Teaser”. Including navigation by sight, interactive detail-buttons, and multilingual audio. Explore the 3D-model of Schloss Weilburg, a famous castle near Baden, which was destroyed in World War II and walk through its famous parlour.

Baden virtual time travelCheck out 360°VR + 3D teaser!

A new approach in marketing

How international campaignes include local marketing
Our new app-guide “Baden near Vienna” was presented on scedule for the Nö Gartensommer 2016. Now we have added the new 360°+3D web-app teaser and a listing of local tourism companies, thus enabling a connection between international marketing campaignes and players of the local tourism industry. We make small-budget destinations visable around the world!

Virtual Reality MarketingClick for more information